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Updated: Mar 3, 2018

Lady Gaga who is a superstar, a talent, an actuator, also a finding frenzy. She has demonstrated pop music and pop culture. However, to be honest, I wasn’t her fan, I didn’t even listen to her album. Since I have attended to “Joanne World Tour,” I have been her little monster. I love Lady Gaga. I can’t forget how I really enjoy that night, I was from an outsider to become a follower. I separated to three parts of this show and named “The process of self-discovery.”

At the beginning, count down ten seconds, and Lady Gaga screamed out “Come on Joanne” which means the show was started. Everybody stood up or I should say jumped up. We danced together and sang together with hot songs, such as Poker Face, A-YO and Just Dance. For this first part, it's really Lady Gaga style like her costumes, hot songs, attractive effect on the stage and asynchronous dance. All of this represents what Lady Gaga is and relate what people define Lady Gaga.

At the second part, Gaga put it down and explained why this world tour called “Joanne.” Since she was a child, she had found her family was unhappy, cold, and irritable. She was looking for the answer for many years. One day, when she was getting older, her mom uncovered it. Gaga’s auntie died, so everyone in this family was still in the sorrow. They couldn’t take it, so they prefer not to get emotional in life anymore. Especially Gaga’s grandma, she never mentioned it, and she even never say that name at all. When Gaga knew it, she decided to write a song for memory her auntie, Joanne. Gaga in the show and said that we can’t predict what happens next, but we can decide to be positive. So, her new album called Joanne and world tour is named Joanne which means Gaga was trying to point out this sad memory rather than hide it in mind and cheat herself that she already forgot it.

At the final part, Gaga turned the sorrow feelings into strength. Facing the problem and embrace the past is a way to go forward. She sang the song “The Cure,” it means no matter what happens to us, what problems come our way, we can fix it because we have love to recovery. Love is a power to make us stronger. In addition, the last song was “Million Reasons.” I totally understand why Gaga pick this song as the last one. She had the moment not to be Lady Gaga because many focus on her, many topics about her, many judges to her. She gets heavy stress. She has said that if she has a choice, she doesn’t want to be a Lady Gaga. However, when she saw a bunch of little monsters love her, follow her every move, she still stays there as Lady Gaga. Also, in “Million Reasons” already said it “I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away. But baby, I just need one good one to stay.” After I attended Lady Gaga’s world tour, I have become a huge fan. The performance is followed Lady Gaga style which is fabulous, awesome and spectacular. On the other hand, Lady Gaga sent the strong message through her show that is love and embrace. All about Lady Gaga is on “Joanne World Tour.”

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