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Rollout plan

  • Press kit 

To reveal toxic ingredients that are in other cleaning products.

  • Copy-based social media

Use social media to report that not all cleaning in the market are safe.

51% of moms say advertisers don't understand them when they are looking for householdproducts. Approximately one billion moms feel marketers are not speaking to them in authentic way.

  • 84% of moms go online when looking for safe product or brand recommendations for their children.

  • 55% of moms say they made their purchase because of a  recommendation from a personal review blog.

  • 33% of moms check the content of cleaning product to see if it contains chemicals that could harm their children.

  • Demographics: working moms whose income between $45,000to $70,000 per year.


We will set up a rollout plan for working moms to remind them that Method product don't pollute the environment. 

Stage one

Stage two

  • OOH 

Put print ads in bus shelters, on billboards, and BART stations.

  • Psychographics: working moms have strong brand loyalty and care about environmental issues.